Winter Warmers

July 6, 2006

Winter is not coming; it’s well and truly here and it hates you. By now, we’ve all experienced the godforsaken horror of opening the front door to be greeted by a frosty breeze colder than Kristen Stewart’s icy glare. The sight of a sheet of ice across the windscreen is enough to break even the most optimistic of hearts. It’s rough out there, but there’s work to be done. The Mustard crew has taken a brief break from creating fire creative to shed some light on tips to staying motivated to get up out of bed on those cold winter mornings.

1)   “Use your pets as an alarm clock”

Pets are amazing – they’re our friends, workout partners; they may not finish our sentences, but they’ll always be there to finish our dinners. One pet function that not everyone knows about is the alarm clock setting. Getting up in the morning is a lot easier when you’re worried about a puppy making a mess on your floor, or when your kitten has jumped on you multiple times. Embrace the problem habits of your pets and use them to motivate you in the morning.


The shower must come first. Coffee and toast can wait. One must thaw the skin in borderline boiling water before one can eat the toast or drink the coffee. The hot water can form a thin warm protective layer against the harsh cold of the rest of the house.

The best bit about this is that your partner / housemates might wake up while you are in the shower and proceed to put the heater on, make toast and coffee, leaving you to swoop in for the win like Steven fricken’ Bradbury.

3) “Have that comfy morning get up on the ready”

From puffy vests and slipper combos to uggs and a mink dressing gown ensemble the team can’t quite agree on the best winter morning uniform. One thing we do recommend is that whatever that is, you keep at within arms distance. Wake up. Rug up. Run to the shower.

4) “Automate your appliances”

As digital creative, we should be aware that automation is a real winner. When it comes to the morning wake up, we suggest you automate anything that your house will allow you to. Automated lights the turn on gradually to give you a gentle nudge, automated heater to turn on just before you get up and give the house inviting toasty warmth, automate your coffee machine if you can. Have the machine’s do as much as you can so you can cruise through your morning zombie style.

5) “Use your bladder as alarm clock”

If you don’t want to lash out on lavish automated appliances then this is the ultimate frugal morning tip. Have a drink before going to bed. Chances are when you wake up you’ll NEED to get out of bed to make a dash to the bathroom.

6) “Clique Clique Clique Clique”

It may sound cliché but having the right juju in your work environment makes all the difference. Find a job where the people and puppers are a joy to be around.

…like Mustard ;).


Mustard Creative Tip: Collaborate often
Getting a second opinion at regular intervals is a great way to make sure your ideas are easily understood, it also creates the opportunity to tighten your thinking as you go along. If you’re looking for a fresh perspective Mustard Creative Agency is always ready to share ideas to make your next project a success.