Is Content NOT King?

November 17, 2015

‘Content is King’ has been the holy mantra of advertising, digital and content marketing for years. It’s one of those things that has been said so much that it seems to have lost all meaning. To even imply that it is wrong is up there with saying Ringo is the best Beatle, or Jar Jar Binks is the best Star Wars character: people straight up don’t want to hear it.

Even though content is extremely important, we’re going to channel our inner Galileo and say the earth isn’t the centre of the universe and content is NOT king. In fact, that statement alone implies a huge misunderstanding of the digital marketing environment.

More than any other media format, digital is democratic and audiences decide what is and isn’t of value; not brands. Digital marketing isn’t a kingdom, with a set hierarchy that people are subjected to; it’s a party where people are free to pick and choose what they enjoy. What are the ingredients of a good content marketing part-ay, you say? Let us lay them out for you!

The Guestlist

You could be running the dopest party on the block, but if nobody knows about it, they’re just not going to show up. In the highly competitive digital content space, it’s important to have your promotions locked down. Use social media to spread the word, reach out to the VIPs and most importantly bring your friends along. Use existing channels like social media and email databases to ensure things kick off.

The Venue

It doesn’t matter how much of a banger your party is, if your pad is cramped and there’s no vibe people aren’t going to stay. When it comes to digital content, a good user experience (UX) is just as important as good content. Slow load times and poorly organised user interfaces are like having one bar, no toilets and music playing through someone’s iPod Shuffle. To be able to enjoy your content people need to be able to find it and get to it without too much drama; otherwise they’re going to go elsewhere.

The Entertainment

Once people are settled in it’s the entertainment that makes things happen. Content is the reason that they stay and hang out. Anyone can drop the latest copy of ‘So Fresh: Hits of Summer” on the decks and play the hits, but that’s not offering anything different. Great custom content with unique insights and personality is where it’s at. You want a mix of fresh ideas and interesting takes on familiar ideas that keep people informed, engaged and entertained. That’s the recipe to keep people at the party and have them coming back next week.

Content will always be the main event, it’s what the people came for, and it’s what will keep them coming back, but like any good crew digital content needs solidarity to succeed. If your content isn’t accompanied by good UX and a solid user-targeting strategy to draw in a crowd it may never get its time to shine.