A Mustard Minute: 29 May 2015

May 29, 2015

It’s Friday again, so as you’re preparing to power down and ease into the weekend take a look at the Mustard Minute and arm yourself with the latest tech, digital and social news.


In some what of a historic moment Australia can now put Eurovision next to cricket in the list of things we beat England at. Australia’s first Idol did us proud finishing fifth overall with 196 votes including top marks from Sweden and Austria. The performance has seen Guy take off on the iTunes charts around the world shooting to number #2 in Sweden, #4 in the Bahamas and reaching the top 10 in Norway, Netherlands, Denmark and Austria.

Guy Sebastian photo from his days on Australian Idol


Stock Shock

Posers beware! A British couple have had the unfortunate experience of discovering they had unwittingly become the poster family for the “Say No to Gay Marriage” campaign in Ireland. The couple said they posed for the stock photographs in return for a free copy of the images and had expected them to be used in a small magazine and website. The couple wanted to express that they personally did not hold an anti-gay marriage stance. Whooo boy! Unlucky.

 “Say No to Gay Marriage” Irish advertising campaign poster

via BBC


And in further lock up your photos news…

American Artist Richard Prince has made a fat stack of cash selling other people’s Instagram photos. The display at Frieze Art Fair in New York featured screenshots of people’s Instagram photos inkjet printed on canvas. Most of the images reportedly sold for their $90,000 price tag. In a wonderful response Selena Mooney, whose photographs were used by Prince, has now released a series of her Instagram pics for $90 each. Somebody has got to be feeling ripped off right about now.

Richard Prince showcasing Instagram photos in an art gallery



Followers for real

In more creepy social media news, a Harvard Computer Science student has written a program that allows you to completely stalk the heck out of your friends. Aran Khanna said he noticed that the default setting for Facebook Messenger was to include your location with messages sent. With most people using their phones as a GPS he thought it’d be interesting to see what information he could get. The results are totally creepy. The program could pinpoint users data to within about a metre. Aran found he could work out the daily schedule of “ALMOST EVERYONE” he was in conversation with over Facebook. The program worked just as well for people who you aren’t friends with but are in a group conversation with, meaning it was possible to stalk total freaking strangers. Aran has since taken the script down at the request of Facebook and is set to start an internship at the social media in June. That’s certainly one way to land a job!

Facebook Marauder's map of where his friends are

Via Medium


Best banner ad ever

Post-it have released a banner ad that completely nails it. The ad allows you to write reminders on post-it notes in the. The notes are saved and appear every time you see the ad, making them less of an interruption to your browsing and more of a helpful reminder. Well played Post-it.

War on the onesie

The Department of Immigration has declared a tightening of policy when it comes to wearing onesies, ugg boots and thongs at work. We are unsure yet what the screening policy will be like to stop the illegal arrival of onesie workers.


Man in a onesie walking down the street

via ABC

Where’s my hoverboard?

Good news for those of us who’ve been disappointed by the lack of hover boards that Back to the Future predicted for 2015. This week a Canadian inventor smashed the record for ‘World’s longest hover board flight’ travelling 905 feet 2 inches — more than the span of three football fields and over 5 times further than the previous record. Given Back to the Future was set in October there are 5 months to improve and mass produce it. Fingers crossed.