5 Ways To Fire Up Your eCommerce Sales Between Ad Campaigns.

June 18, 2016

You’ve launched your brand new eCommerce site, created an ad campaign and made your first sale – hurrah! So how do you keep that momentum going after the campaign has run its course? We’ve put together five useful tips to show you how to make every day a selling day.

 1. Monitor, analyse, tweak and repeat

Measuring and analysing data about your eCommerce site is a nifty way to gain insights in to people’s behaviour when they visit it. Hopefully you’ve been keeping tabs on its performance throughout the campaign to act upon!

By finding out why you are losing potential customers at certain stages in the checkout process, or why people aren’t moving beyond your landing page, you gain valuable insights that can help you to tweak, adjust and improve your site.

2. Optimise

Strong SEO is key to keeping the traffic to your site flowing. Through effective keyword optimisation, you can ensure people can find your site while Googling their way through their options.

But in the day and age of Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, SEO is not just about search engines anymore! Remember to optimise your images and pages for sharing on social media. It will ensure the ongoing ‘promotion’ of your business between campaigns consistently – an effective way to drive sales, target traffic and grow awareness.

3. Create and broadcast shorter content more frequently

An effective way to keep your customer base engaged between your ad campaigns is to publish shortercontent more frequently.

You can do this through your social media channels and even though email marketing in the form of daily offers, specials, how to guides, clippings, coupons, code words and other creative content.

4. Use every channel differently

Every social media channel reaches a slightly different behavioural demographic and serves a unique purpose in the communication mix. Give people reasons to follow them all by tailoring content to each unique platform.

Pinterest is great for showcasing aspirational usage, Tumblr is great for lifestyle-product imagery, Instagram for quick seeding, Twitter for short and shareable announcements … the list goes on!

 5. Create quality conversations

Remember that your business will be driven by people who are in love with your brand. And like every relationship, you have to fuel that passion. All. The. Time.

So keep the conversations real by ensuring the conversations are personable, of great quality and show interest in your customer. Remind them why you’re their number one, and you’ll have them returning time and time again.

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