Mustard Minute: 22 June 2018

June 22, 2018

YouTube adds a new creative suite to measure and test creative aspects of their videos, Facebook launches a gameshow platform and Suncorp nails their latest ad series with their tween statistic-spouting brand identity. All that and more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

YouTube Adds New Creative Suite

New tools have been added to AdWords so advertisers on YouTube can measure and test creative aspects of their video ads. The four new tools added to YouTube’s creative suite include: Video Experiments, Video Creative Analytics, Director Mix and Video Ad Sequencing. For a full rundown check out Marketing Land.

Image via Marketing Land

Facebook Adds Autoplay Video Advertisements to Messenger

18 months after releasing static ad images on Messenger, Facebook has now added autoplay video ads to user inboxes. Messenger currently has 1.3 billion monthly active users and provides an additional avenue for Facebook advertisers to target consumers.

Image via Mobile Marketer


Snapchat Features Documentaries on its ‘Discover’ Page

Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ page already hosts a plethora of murder mysteries, reality shows, sports coverage and new releases. Now Snapchat will add a series of diverse documentaries into the mix. Viewers will even be able to virtually join in on watch parties after the show.

Facebook Launches Gameshow Platform

Facebook has just announced its new set of interactive, live, and on-demand video features. Video creators are given the power to add quizzes, polls, challenges and gamification. This could be a step in the right direction for Facebook to implement its new mission for healthier active video consumption.

Image via TechCrunch

Suncorp Bank Nails Ad Series

Suncorp Banks has just introduced Sunny, a truth-telling, statistic-spouting tween who is ready to help Australians get their finances in order. In the series of ads, Sunny provides simple tips for saving money. Check out the hilarious, engaging ad below.