Mustard Minute: 29 June 2018

June 29, 2018

Shopping by voice activation gains momentum, Facebook trials a ‘keywords snooze’ feature and YouTube announces their top 10 2018 FIFA World Cup ads. All that and so much more in this week’s Mustard Minute.

 Facebook Trails Keywords Snoozing  

Sick and tired of Facebook accidentally spoiling the end of a TV series, movie or sports match? Facebook has heard its users and is currently testing a 30-day “snooze” feature on specific keywords in News Feeds and Groups. The feature currently requires you to select a post that contains the words you don’t want to see. Users can then hit the drop-down arrow on the post and hit the “snooze keywords in this post” option. Say goodbye to unwanted spoilers!


Image via TechCrunch

Smart Home Devices Gain Momentum

A study by trade publication, found that voice commerce offered by smart home devices has significantly increased. A whopping 26% of smart speaker owners made a purchase via voice activation. Approximately 11.5% of smart home device owners said they make purchases monthly via voice activation. Top categories for voice shopping include everyday household items, apparel and entertainment.

Image via Mobile Marketer

Facebook Reverses Crypto Ban

After a decision in January to ban ads featuring binary options, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency, Facebook has reversed their policy and once again opened their doors to cryptocurrency ads. Advertisers must be pre-approved by Facebook before they are able to advertise. Ads featuring initial coin offerings and binary options still remain banned.

Smartphones Catching Up to TV Popularity

According to a study in the US undertaken by the Consumer Technology Association, 87% of US homes own a smartphone while 96% of people own a TV. Coming in third place were screen devices at 72%. The survey not only demonstrates the rapid growth in smartphone usage but also highlights the need for businesses to develop and adjust marketing strategies. Modifying these strategies would allow businesses to reach audiences across a variety of technologies and provide ongoing customer support on all platforms.

YouTube Releases Top 10 Soccer Ads for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Wondering which 2018 FIFA World Cup ads topped the YouTube charts? Coming in first place was Mostra Tua Força, Brasil by the brand Itaú – check out the ad below.

The top 10 ads were based on factors such as organic and paid views, watch time and audience retention from June 1 to June 20.Overall, the top 10 ads accumulated 125 million minutes – impressive! For a full rundown of the winners check out Adweek.