Mustard Minute: 8 June 2018

June 8, 2018

From Facebook testing a new Lip Sync Live feature to the “world’s most boring billboard,” check out this week’s Mustard Minute.

Facebook Tests Lip Sync Live

The Lip Sync Live feature on Facebook allows users to select songs and pretend to sing on Facebook Live broadcast. As there are hundreds of songs to choose from, Facebook plans to compensate labels and artists used within the feature. It’s been said Facebook is attempting to replicate the popular teen app,, in an effort to encourage more teens to use Facebook.


‘The World’s Most Boring Billboard’

To drive home product quality, Sioo:x came up with a clever billboard print ad. To promote their ‘12-year wood protection guarantee,’ they are going to keep the same billboard up for 12 years. What’s more, the billboard is made out of their own wood product and will be housed outside a mall in Malmö, Sweden, a city chosen for its high humidity and frequently rainy days. They are committed to keeping patios and porches silver grey in colour and protected from the elements.


Image via AdWeek


McDonald’s Embraces Self-Service Kiosks

The U.S. is just now introducing self-service kiosks in McDonald’s. In an effort to play catch up with markets such as Canada, Australia and the U.K., McDonalds U.S. plans to add self-service kiosks technology to 1,000 restaurants every three months for the next two years.

Image via Mobile Marketer

Shoppers Keen for AR & Voice Shopping Possibilities

According to a study undertaken by Adtaxi, 66% of respondents purchased items online at least once per month. While 10% of respondents said they have used an AR app, 67% of those individuals said they would never shop in store again if AR is integrated into their online shopping experience. As AR technology has rapidly advanced over the last 18 months, it offers a new level of convenience to online shoppers. Overcoming online shopping obstacles is one of the main driving factors for marketers to further integrate AR.

Image via Retail Drive


71% of Retailers Utilise A Mobile Location Strategy

Retailers are utilising the power of mobile location targeting to drive foot traffic. A study by Blis found that when location strategy and location-based mobile advertising were distributed to consumers, there was a greater lift in store visits and overall conversions.